MiklagårdArts is an initiator, facilitator, and connector between Finland and overseas markets with the aim of strengthening the cultural interaction and intercultural collaborations. MiklagårdArts was founded by an experienced cultural manager, programmer, curator and an established artist in September 2015 for creating tailor-made ideas and promoting interesting, chosen projects in varied genres of art fields. The two initiators, Ceyda and Erik, who are not completely strangers to each other, decided to join forces to pour their versatile know-how into a new platform for promoting exchange between the Nordic countries and the dynamic art scenes in South East, Middle East and the Far East. MiklagårdArts’ “value proposition” is found in its unique strategies to produce cultural evolution with creating possibilities for innovative multi-genre collaborations around the world.


MiklagårdArts believes that cultural diversity is an asset for setting wiser cultural mindset to achieve what is valuable with enlightening perspective. We like to cater to the needs of the artists, collectives, and institutions.


The co-founders are also the ‘thinkers’ whose insights and connections will animate the projects operated by the Miklagard Art Exchange.


Miklagård  / “ The Great City”

For the Scandinavians of early times, Istanbul was the place to go, as we go to New York. The city was the largest the Vikings knew of, and it is not so strange that they referred to place as The Great City. This is what the name Miklagård means.