MiklagårdArts is an innovative platform, a facilitator and connector for promoting transnational collaborations between Finland and the dynamic art scenes around the world.

MiklagårdArts stands for a structure where collaboration becomes a sustainable practice to produce large-scale productions. Our aim is to fill the grey areas in the field of art as there is a need to create other content to address the expectations of the diverse population of Helsinki alongside existing arts and cultural institutions’ programmes.



We facilitate

artistic interventions to merge internationalism and locality. We promote artistic interventions with the established arts and cultural institutions of the city to make Helsinki more international and diverse.

We build bridges

to unleash the potential between arts & well-being and arts & economic growth; we want to unlock the territorial borders between tech-developers and traditional cultural institutions.



We curate & ınıtıate

tailor made artistic ideas and stimulate creative clashes that rise when one confronts an unknown artistic milieu. We are curious and open-minded. We want to inspire creative minds and souls for innovative multi-genre projects that will enrich the practices of Finnish arts and cultural institutions.



We celebrate

diversity, equality and believe values of inclusion will foster cognitive diversity in the Finnish arts scene. We want to help build a healthy and supportive society by cultivating understanding and compassion through arts.



We seek to spark sustainable

working structures for independent cultural players. We are innovative. We promote new forms when it comes to artistic work, structure, business models, and the dialogue between arts & audience. Acquiring new ways of artistic collaborations will help us achieve an accurate understanding of the world where culture continuously develops alongside human beings.

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