Miklagård [The Great City]

In Old Norse, Miklagård means ‘the great city’. During the 10th century Vikings set eyes on Istanbul for the very first time and named the largest city they knew of ‘Miklagård’. It quickly became ‘the’ place to go for the Scandinavians of the time, similar to how most perceive New York nowadays.

No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive
— Mahatma Gandhi

We are curious and open-minded. We want to trigger creative minds and souls for innovative multi-genre confrontations around the world. We use our versatile know-how to envision and cultivate unique strategies to support a cultural evolution towards a more diverse and inclusive society. We hold the strong belief that cultural diversity is an explicit asset on the road to cultural wisdom. We are passionate about the work we do with an ever-present focus on leading the change.


We facilitate: artistic interventions

We curate: tailor made artistic ideas

We celebrate: diversity, equality and inclusivity

We collaborate: with intriguing partners


Consultancy & Mentoring

Art and culture is something people do together and for each other; it is all about ‘best practices’. We strongly believe that in all sharing ‘one plus one’ is more than two, and like to share what we have: our networks, expertise, creativity, knowledge of festivals, large-scale productions, artists, ensembles and of arts.


The MiklagårdArts story began in September 2015; we fill in the chapters of this story by creating tailor made ideas and promoting intriguing, hand-picked projects from a variety of artistic fields. We began this journey to create an innovative platform which will act as a facilitator and connector between Finland, and the dynamic art scenes of the South, Middle and Far East. Our aim is to strengthen cultural interactions, and to promote transnational collaborations. Ceyda, an experienced cultural manager, festival programmer, curator, is the founder, brains behind MiklagårdArts and leads our initiative. Erik, an established opera and theatre director, festival leader, educator, is the in-house artistic partner.

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