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Johanna Grönqvist from Svenska Yle wrote about her experience of having a conversation with a stranger at the Muse Conversations event!

23 September 2019


We initiated the Feast of Strangers, and Muse Conversations in Helsinki, thanks to our generous collaborators: the Stina Krook Foundation which hosted the Feast of Strangers at Amos Rex on September 13th, as part of the anniversary year, and Amos Rex Museum that hosted the public part of Muse Conversations that took place on 16th of September at Bio Rex. All the three public events of have been fully booked!

Johanna Grönqvist from Svenska Yle attended and wrote about her experience.

Read the full story (in Swedish) below.



Ceyda takes over as Chairperson of Globe Art Point

1 September 2019


We will promote equality, equity, diversity and inclusion

“The Globe Art Point, after an intense initial period of 3 years, will now with its new board and managing director continue its advocacy work to influence the policies and actions of Finnish arts and cultural institutions. The aim is to ensure that foreign-born artists and cultural workers are acknowledged and that their untapped capacity is utilised.

We will promote equality, equity, diversity and inclusion and give space and voice to those who suffer from structural discrimination and professional harassment in the Finnish art scene. Non-Finnish, non-Swedish and non-Sami speaking residents make up 14% of the population in the metropolitan area. In spite of this, they are not yet represented among the decision-makers of the art field and the cultural institutions. We want to change this by improving constructive and action-driven dialogue with our stakeholders and collaborators.”

Ceyda Berk-Söderblom, Chairperson


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FLASH FLASH - the two deaths of andy warhol - already been watched by thousands of viewers!

1 September 2019


We are thrilled to share exciting news: Juhani Nuorvala & Juha Siltanen's cult opera, FLASH FLASH - the two deaths of andy warhol -’s edited version on Yle Areena got 798 viewers yesterday. And this on the top of almost 3000 spectators for the earlier streaming of the performance in May at the Espoo City Theatre.

"Only now, I had time to watch it myself. The television director of the stream Jussi Buckbee has done a splendid job for the editing and colour grading etc. This equals sold-out evening at any big opera house. Not bad for an independent production of a contemporary opera" says FLASH FLASH's director Erik Söderblom.

A heartfelt thanks to TV-director Jussi Buckbee, producer Tiina Laitinen and the whole Yle (Finnish Broadcasting Company) team

If you missed seeing the live performances of #flashflash , here is your chance to see it:



We are proud to announce:

Today Aktivists starts!

3 February 2019


The television series, The Activists, based on Erik Söderblom's original story and script.

"A country is born out of passionate love and passionate hatred. Six years that changed everything," says Erik Söderblom.

Yle TV1 and Yle Areena at 21:05.



Ceyda participated in a discussion at the event Opening the Nordic Art Sector

16 May 2019


Our Founder & CEO Ceyda Berk Söderblom participated in a discussion at the event Opening the Nordic Art Sector at the Hanaholmen - kulturcentrum för Sverige och Finland as part of #StopHatredNow. Ceyda, with Pasi Saukkonen (researcher, political scientist, City of Helsinki Executive Office, Maija Lummepuro (counsellor for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture) talked about immediate actions!

Ceyda said, "It is time to unpack our big-picture thinking into a handful of specific goals and immediate actions. What I see here is a potential of growth for the cultural field. The momentum is now. The only way to break this vicious cycle is to shake the institutionalized structure of the cultural sector; by facilitating the growth for the independent players of the field and offering innovative, quickly responding ecosystems."


Good news from Finland

Ceyda has shared her insights about her work life in Finland, and says "Generosity and curiosity make business life fruitful for all involved."

6 May 2019


1. What I find surprising about working in Finland is… the possibility for employees in most institutions to go for a study leave. In many cultures that I know, such sabbatical leaves are not often promoted.

2. If I could change one thing about Finnish working life it would be… making people be more generous at work and in their communications. Generosity and curiosity make business life fruitful for all involved.

3. My favourite thing about Finland is… being close to nature and having a chance to experience silence. I love it!

4. How I got my current job is… by choosing the rocky road. Like many entrepreneurs, I am not somebody who easily gives up. All my numerous job applications in Finland had been rejected; I decided to start my own company to show the way for a change in the cultural field.

5. The piece of advice I would give to someone contemplating coming to work in Finland is… to be persistent. Moving to another country and starting a life from scratch is a very personal experience, and there is not one remedy for the stress one faces during the process. The good thing about Finland is having a chance to do something; for real, for good.



Ceyda's essay was published in the Jazzfest Berlin 2018's magazine.

31 October 2018


Do the cultural institutions address us? Is their representation as diverse as the society itself? What about the segregation within the art field, “otherness” within the art field?

It's available on the festival’s website:


country focus.jpg

On the occasion of the "country focus: Finland", the International Arts Manager magazine, has included us in its October issue.

1 October 2018


Our Founder, Ceyda, who leads MiklagardArts' development as a ‘change-maker’ platform, says "There are many arts organisations and talented artists working to diminish cultural conflicts and MiklagardArts seeks a way to contribute those efforts with an emerging perspective."

MiklagardArts is proud to take actions for diversity in Finland!



The Norm-critical Leadership seminar yesterday at Kiasma was like the topic itself interactive and dynamic. MiklagardArts' Founder Ceyda talked about power, strategies and structures.

14 May 2018


Ceyda with her presentation, "Deconstruction of Power: Controlled Chaos for Change" encouraged cultural workers to deconstruct the idea of an institution in our minds by letting chaos in. Ceyda emphasised that by accepting a creative chaos, we can shake the institution and eliminate the shadow power which prevents us from making “unorthodox” decisions.

She shared her dream of an ideal institution by using the metaphor of Selimiye Mosque and its 999 windows.

Ceyda said: "I'm dreaming of an institution with windows like Selimiye, which allow the daylight in and transforms it into an elevated experience. The ideal institution has all its channels open for influences from the outside." #StopHatredNow2018



We are delighted to announce that MiklagardArts' Founder Ceyda Berk-Söderblom is one of the keynote speakers of Arts Festivals Summit 2018!

organised by European Festivals Association (EFA) in Ljubljana.

11 April 2018


On the stage of "Bring them together!", Ceyda with her counterpart Geert Couchez, the Deputy CEO of Visit Brussels will discuss how an artistic project impact audiences, highlight a city, a country, Europe’s cultural heritage. The case study is Studio Aleppo [Helsinki]! #AFS2018



Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] is Production of the Year-2017!!!

12 October 2017


Our project Studio Aleppo [Helsinki], has today, Thursday, October 12, been awarded the Production of the Year by the TAKU ry (Art and Cultural Professionals’ Trade Union). MiklagarArts's Co-Founder and CEO Ceyda Berk-Söderblom and Elina Anttila, General Director of the National Museum of Finland received the prize together!

We are proud and honored! Our heartfelt thanks go not only to the jury of the Taide- ja kulttuurialan ammattijärjestö TAKU ry but also to our host The National Museum of Finland, the creator of Studio Aleppo concept Paradox, our photographer Juuso Westerlund, all the organizations and people who collaborated with us and made Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] possible.

For more diverse, open and international cultural scene in Finland.

The winners were chosen by a jury consisting of art and culture production professionals.